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Low Carb Mozzarella sticks:


8 mozzarella sticks
1 3 1/4 oz bag plain pork rinds
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried oregano
1 egg, beaten
Olive oil

Optional: Serve with Rao's Marinara Sauce


Add pork rinds, basil, & oregano to food processor & blend very well till it resembles fine bread crumbs. Pour into a zip lock bag. Beat an egg in a bowl & dip the cheese sticks in the egg to coat. Drop a cheese stick in the bag with pork rinds & press the outside of the bag to form the pork rinds around the cheese stick. Remove to a plate and continue the same process with the rest of the cheese sticks. Place the coated cheese sticks in the freezer. Pour olive oil into a large skillet about 1/2 an inch deep. Heat oil at a little less then medium. When oil is hot, remove the cheese sticks from the freezer & drop carefully into the oil. Fry for two minutes, flip, & fry for an additional 1 & a half minutes. Remove to paper towels & allow to cool enough to be handled & eaten. Serve with your choice of lc marinara, slightly warmed in the microwave.

Serves 2. Four mozzarella sticks each.

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