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coffee corner

Welcome to Coffee Corner. Grab a cup, sit down, and relax while we share all things coffee & tea with you!
Let's start with sharing what's on our coffee & tea bar. We'll start from left to right.
If you'd like more info on anything listed click on any of the product images.

If you love espresso
the Nespresso is amazing!
These espresso cups
are cute & work great.
This is our favorite flavor pods
but there are loads of choices.
This is the 3 tier container
we store our pods, filters, & teas in.
This is a single serve coffee maker. Great for a fast cup in the morning but we use ours to make tea all the time.
We love our Low Carb Dish coffee mugs.
This is the grinder we use. It stores the beans & it grinds them. It also has a scoop attached.
We love this coffee pot. Simple to use with a good design, auto stop feature, time set, and strength settings.

Some fun coffee & tea flavors!


And some fun coffee & tea Accessories & Things!


How about some fun coffee & tea recipes!

         Caramel Coconut
Cookie Tea
Iced Caramel
Caramel Frappuccino Vanilla Green Tea Triple Chocolate
Cookie Dough Frappuccino
Toasted Marshmallow
Iced Coffee
         Nutella Frappuccino
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