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Low Carb Big Mac Meatball Appetizer:


1 Lbs ground beef
2 slices of american cheese cut into little squares
1/2 tsp wf thousand Island dressing x 8
8 squares iceburge lettuce
8 squares red onion
8 grape tomoatoes


Form 8 meatballs out of the ground beef. Put in the air fryer or oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove, place each meatball in a spoon and top with a cheese square, Walden Farms thousand island dressing, a lettuce square, an onion square, and a grape tomato and put a skewer through the top to hold it togetehr for serving.

Serves 4. 2 meatballs each serving.

Here is a great air fryer, the spoons I use, and the skewers:

For the hamburger bun recipe click play below:

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